Do you ever have those weekend where you are just not quite sure you are going to get anything done and then all of a sudden... BAM! So much gets accomplished! I had one of those weekends. The weekend started off with my school's first home basketball game of the season! I can hardly believe it is already basketball season. I was ready for it though. We played a school that was in a division higher than us and we WON! It was a very exciting game, long, but exciting. On Saturday, I was able to get caught up on some much needed ZzZz's and run errands. Sunday, (Malloween) I went to church, ate lunch with a lovely family, played a card game with friends, cleaned the apartment, decorated, did homework, did more homework, worked out (still working on my 5-k), more homework, and now to blogging...

I'd say it was one well worth weekend that was needed! Now I am ready for the week.

This is how I view halloween... as just another weekend. I don't like it. Period. So I do other things I enjoy... running errands, being productive on homework, training for my 5K, and maybe squeezing in some shopping (maybe).

My roommate and I celebrated October Slam (we do awesome monthly "Slams"). This month, we went to the pumpkin patch and out to eat at Cheddars! The sunset that evening was beautiful!

It was so cute how the pumpkin patch (mind you it was smack dab in the middle of the city) set up the pricing for their pumpkins.

Awesome green pumpkins.

We were going to do the pumpkin launch, but it was only opened on the weekends. Wouldn't it be fun to try to throw your pumpkin and hit the bulls eye?

Fall is a beautiful time.

From the great movie The Sound of Music, "Here are a few of my favorite things..." from this week of course:

These are two GREAT resources if you are ever interested in designing and photography. These will be investments for me!

Wouldn't it be lovely to fancy this ring on your finger to beautify your look?!
The notorious "Mustache" prop. These are so perfect for a fun family photo shoot or even a couple!
I know, I know... I love bright prints that take the vintage feel and make them clean & modern. You know how much I love the patchwork chair from Urban Outfitters, but here is yet another beautiful sitting area that would be ideal for lots of friends to come over and play games and drink smoothies!

Don't you just love the characteristics that make up a small town...

While on a walk at home, I grabbed my camera and took a few snapshots from around my hometown. I love these photos... especially since I just arrived back at school. It is so nice to have these pictures to look at and remember that home is not very far away.

Well this semester is almost done. I can not believe how fast it is going... So for now, I will take it one day at a time and one task at a time.

Back to the school today.
7.5 hours in the car.
Long drive, but hey I have lots of podcasts to listen to.

It was PINK OUT for the football game, and what I did not know was that it was PINK out for all high school sports this Friday night. I was thankful to be a part and thankful to be PASSIONATELY PINK for those who have Breast Cancer and the Survivors too!

That's right. Don't be jealous. This is my brother. So proud.

Friday Night Lights? Anyone? Thought so...
Well Fall Break is wrapping up. Sure wish it was just a little longer, but none-the-less I thoroughly have enjoyed the time at home relaxing, being slightly productive, and soaking up this beautiful weather (going on a walk right after this). I have taken our dog, Tucker, on mini walks and trips in little green bean and have made two trips to Garden (one was NOT planned). With the soft sounds of the radio playing in the background and lawn mowers chugging along one last time before winter, I say it has been one great break.

Tomorrow I head back to school where I will catch up on my endless list of nursing homework (that I barely put a dent in this weekend) and finish this semester strong. There might even be room for a few good laughs with my bestie and moments that will be remembered.

It's a game day here in the heart of the Broncs. See that #54? That's my brother. He's getting ready to pump up that field one more time. So as they say in Broncs World... Purple purple purple... Gold gold gold! GO BRONCS!

Well the game was really fun to go to, but sadly the Broncs did take this one as a win. Proud of my brother for playing well!

Today is the first ever "Thursdays This n That" where I will showcase lovelies from across the web. Simple items that define beauty, fun, and creativity.

Impressed with "Plein de Bonnes Choses" these little jars would be great for spices, trinkets, or secret little notes.      
This recipe box just screams character. Wouldn't it be fun to gather all of your mom's secret recipes and store them in a special box so that on cold rainy days you can pull one of her famous soups out and cook for your family? 
I love LOVE this chair. These were not being manufactured for a few years and when I saw them come back in stock I thought oh man... how fun would it be to snuggle up in this beautifully designed chair and sip a cup of creme brulee coffee?

I don't know what it is but I love vintage material alphabet bunting (aka garland or pennants). Don't you think these would be just the most delightful accessory to have at a family gathering or party you are hosting. Here you can print out your very own paper garland or you can go here and buy beautiful bunting.

What would you spell with your alphabet bunting? Would you use them in your children's bedroom or use them a gifts for a close friend?

I would probably make my own with old vintage material without the alphabet on them so that I could use them for all occasions.

How great is this vintage inspired Facebook poster? Wouldn't these be great to hang in an office? Check out more of these vintage inspired posters here

Home Sweet Home.
Yesterday, I got to come home for Fall Break and it is Wonderful! The cool crisp dry air of fall is truly in the air here. We have the windows open and the coffee brewing in the air. This week I shall maybe take on a few relaxing craft projects... or maybe I will work on some of the ever homework assignments that I need to accomplish.

Here is my fun crafty list:
- Vintage pennant garland
- Pumpkin Spice Cake Pops
- Embroider Towels
- Old Hardbook Cover Journals
- Recipe Book
- Update Blog

Not as fun... homework list:
- 21 ATI modules
- 10 ATI tests
- Research paper
- Community assessment
- Graded care plan (*update* completed... yes)
- and lots of reading...

Hmm... First list sounds much more fun. Maybe I'll choose a few from each :)

Today I ran 3.0 miles
Just to see if I could do it...
I ran until I could not feel my legs.
I ran just to tell myself I can do this!

You see I have been training for my first 5k. I have always wanted to run in one and this time... it is official. November 21 is the big day where I will join thousands of other runners from all walks of life and run a 5k. I am not doing this just to say, "Hey, I ran a 5k." I am running this because I know that this can be done and will be done. It is like when you have a goal set in your mind that will not leave you... this is how this has been.

So... my first week I started with just a mile. Simple enough, right? Well, it was kind of hard at first, but I had to keep persevering. And I have to persevere every day. I mean I am only two weeks into the training.

But because it is the two week mark I wanted to run farther than 1.75 miles just to see if I could do it, and I did.

Today I ran.
More than just 1.0 mile.
Today I ran 3.0 miles.
For some that is not a great feat, but for who I am it was very exciting.

I encourage you... if you have a goal or something that you have always wanted to do, go out and do it! Yeah, it will be hard at first, but go for it. Tell yourself that YOU CAN! You can do it! The Lord will run beside you and help you to push through!

Just run. Leap. Dance. Sing.
Do what you think you can and then do it again!

Fall is here.


Congratulations. You have surpassed 10:10pm on 10-10-10.

I love beautiful photography.

Whatever you do. Be creative. I mean really really think about what you are doing and apply yourself.
If you ever have a time where you need to give, be creative. People love creativity. The greatest gifts you can give someone is your creativity and most of all, your thought. I love when a person puts thought behind their action. It demonstrates a beautiful trait within a person.

I love what photographer, Julie Harris out of Denver, Colorado, says...

"Everything I do, I do because I like it for me. Seriously, I can't compare myself to others. My work is my own. I am an artist and have found a style that works for me. I don't claim to know more than anybody, and I'm certainly not technically driven, but I will say that I absolutely love the art of photography and am inspired by all sorts of photographers... My advice... keep it simple and do what works for you and keep your work pure."

So be creative.
Don't compare yourself to others.
Keep your work pure.

So it's fun to make fall lists.
I see many of my fellow bloggers do these and thought it would be very appropriate to my own.
Being there is a cool breeze in the air and that I saw my first leaves changing colors today.
What better way to celebrate than with some fun wist list items...

Loving this beautiful piece from Anthro

and this beautiful get away bag for a fall road trip
This beautiful calendar would add so much life to the ordinary desk life
And to capture those beautiful fall leaves, a traditional Holga camera

So I went to the fair this weekend.
With my best friend of course.
We rode the ferris wheel, ate fair nachos, and laughed lots.
It's important to have good laughs and make new adventures with your closest friends! So we did.
We laughed until it hurt.
The fair was bustling with so many people everywhere! We walked around the indoor expo where there were demonstrators showcasing all of there goodies. I gave in and bought a few pieces of tupperware. We walked up and down every aisle trying on knitted hats, bracelets, and even capturing some Michael Jackson earrings (they were pretty ridiculous!). Then we "wishfully" bundled up in our plaid shirts and cardigans and went outside to ride the ferris wheel. The reason I spelt it F-A-R-I-S wheel in the title is because there were two girls chatting in front of us asking how to spell ferris wheel when one of them proudly misspelled it. We giggled. So we waited in line for about 45 minutes for our 60 second ride on the ferris wheel... it was totally worth it. We were freezing, but definitely enjoying every second of it! We ran into some good friends while waiting in line too! 

Overall the experience was one to add to the books. I love the fair! Most of all, I love spending time with my best friend and making memories that will always be remembered!