Today at 9:10am, I received the phone call that I had been offered the RN position on the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. I am so thankful and blessed that the Lord has opened this door up. I am thankful for those who interviewed me and asked me tough questions.

Now I am on to continue finishing strong through out this last semester.
Focusing on each individual exam.
Each ATI.
Because I am going to pass.
I am going to graduate.

The Lord is good!

As my dad would say, "Go God!"

Thursday's This n That has just not happened in such a very long time. I thought I would do a quick Tuesday shout out so that...

A. Tuesday gets some special attention especially since it is a day, for me, that is full of classes and studying
B. Writing on my blog is always a stress reliever

So here are a few of my favorites from around the web today.

I feel as if this show which airs on TLC will not only be entertaining, but I also feel as if it is a beneficial show. It may go along with some of my other favorite shows: American Picker & Pawn Stars
I feel like furniture is one of those things that you invest in and buy every 10 years or so (if it'll last). Wouldn't this chair be simply marvelous in a earthy living room with a simple couch and coffee table? Great investment here... Someday!
Could someone PLEASE make me one of these coffee tables?! It's called a plank table and I would LOVE to have one of these in my house someday for my living room. Durable. Universal. Awesome.
Here's my philosophy on these... wouldn't these be awesome pillows? For one thing, part of the proceeds go to the disaster relief in Japan and the second thing is these would be Beautiful pillows. 

Courtesy of
I love this idea.

I had my first real world interview today.
It is crazy to think that I am interviewing for something I have dreamed about doing for such a long time.
I'm suppose to be a nurse and the interview I had today was just for that.
I interviewed for a position in the Cardiac ICU.
I am determined.
And... passionately pursuing what I have been called to do.

I thank the Lord for what He has done so far and what He is continuing to do. My journey is far from over and I am looking forward to each day that I learn and grow.

Graduation is just a few short weeks away. The thought of that is so very exciting. However, there is much to do before that grand day. Exams, ATIs, reading page after page of material for nursing classes, soaking in the last hours of my final clinicals, and just living life. I am still going strong for the 10k that will be in May and I am enjoying building a community from the local church that I have been attending since December.

Each day I choose to wake up and make TODAY a great day. I will continue to persevere and not quit. This can be done. So close... I am so close.

Today was a very exciting day in my nursing world!
I passed two exams.
Two very difficult exams in which the Lord got me through and allowed me to pass!
Now we are on to the next exam and prepping for that final goal: NCLEX

I can do this. Believe. Trust.

As soon as I blinked it was March. January and February are both gone for forever for the year of 2011. Can you believe that we are at that point where we are halfway through a semester of school (my last semester) and looking forward to bigger and better things!? These past few weeks have been crazy in school.

This is my routine for school.
I wake up.
Drive to school.
Go to class.
Review for ATIs.
Take an ATI.
Prep for Critical Care.
Take a Critical Care exam.
Done with classes.
Drive back home.
Start studying for the test I have the following week.
Every Tuesday. This is my schedule.

Somehow I have squeezed in running aka prepping for a 10K that I will be running in Colorado with my best friend. I am almost enjoying awesome clinicals and an externship that I love. Overall, life is crazy, but I still am enjoying it.

I enjoy that when I am here away from school it is so positive and so encouraging (Did I just sound like K-Love the radio station?). I enjoy when I am at my place it is relaxing and I can be focused on my homework and gain restful sleep.