I look forward to the day when I do not have to be reading these.

...and these are why I have not been blogging as much.

Today is Valentines Day.
Are you sharing it with the people you love?
I feel like this is a holiday that can be celebrated on everyday.
So why don't we do just that?
Why don't we tell the ones we love "I love you" more...
Why don't we show the ones we love that we love them more...
Speak words of encouragement...

Love someone today and everyday...
Love them BIG

Since this is the "Love Month", I thought it would be fun to showcase some creative ideas for that special someone in your life.

I don't know what there is not to LOVE about this watch. Its creative and quirky for that special artsy friend.
Or how about that vintage turned modern friend who is in the health care world? Wouldn't this be great to have in a bathroom or a hallway for emergencies? I know I would enjoy this fun first-aid kit.

What about that business minded friend who just needs a little boost of creativity? This book is loaded with great ideas for the freelance business man or woman!
Finally, for that friend who loves old photos (particularly polaroids), you can get him or her these awesome polaroid frames that hang on your wall. I mean, since they don't make polaroid film anymore, you can make instant photos from these frames!

How to get to work when you are a Nurse
So as I am getting ready to graduate in May, it is important to have a plan of action when there are 12 inches of snow on the ground and your car is stuck.

I mean, nurses still have to work. Doctors still have to work. If you work at a hospital at all, you still have to work. So my roommate is trying to figure out how to get to work tonight. And of course... we can not get our cars out of the snow.

Here are the facts...

1. It is important to invest in a shovel (Especially when you don't have one and your car is covered in snow)
2. Snow drifts are not your friend unless you are a sled
3. The temperature outside would be a beneficiary. However, when there are a 12 inches of snow on the ground it is slightly difficult for snow to melt.

Jena and I just spent the last hour and a half shoveling the two feet drift of snow from behind her car. We started with our hands (because we do not own a shovel). Then one of our dear friends let us borrow their shovel. So we used that along with some racquetball rackets I had in the back of my car. We shoveled. We scooped. We pushed snow. Finally...


We drove the car (well Jena did) passed the four wheel drive trucks, passed the two year old who was in the practically in the middle of the road (no worries... we did not hit the child), and passed the entrance gates to freedom. Of course we walked back on 81st street from QT. It was awesome. We were not going to let a little snow stop us from accomplishing what we went out for. Woohoo!

What a great day!