I usually am always up for a new experience. I like adventure. This weekend I participated in my first ever casting call to be an extra in a movie. You see, a few weeks ago there was this big hype about a celebrity being in town to film a movie. Well, come to find out, they were doing casting calls. I had not planned on participating until we drove by the high school where they were being hosted and saw that it was the perfect opportunity to make a memories and squeeze in a few moments of laughter. We pulled up to the high school and stepped out into the muggy air. Ok ok... it wasn't muggy (like today is), but it was rather warm. We stepped out of the two door sports car and headed inside the school. We saw all kinds of people... there were mothers powdering their children's noses, those young at heart wearing their favorite Caribbean shirts, complete families in head to toe dress suits, young aspiring tweens with resume in hand, and the small handful of cowboys (hats & boots included). It was quite an exciting adventure. I could probably place it within my top 100 things I have done... well maybe. :) It was finally our turn to go inside the small (but overly crowded) room. We filled out a quick survey and then got back in another line which led us to another room... There we "tried out". Tried out meaning they gave us a number, took our photo, and sent us on our way. I'm not really sure how one can decide on extras by just looking at your photo amongst millions, but hey you never know.

Afterward, we took a few pictures underneath the big bruin bear and went on our merry way. I can definitely say it was an experience that will be talked about.

What kind of new experiences have you been up to lately? Are you the type of person that likes a good adventure or do you prefer a quiet evening at home?

Take every opportunity. Live life to the fullest.

Can you tell that I am back in school? Not as much blogging going on... I truly believe that this year will be great. And who will make it great? God. I know that differences come in and out of our lives, but He is the true stability and I know that He will take care of me and every lesson I go through.

For the first time in a LONG time, I can sit at the picnic table with a slight cool breeze whistling in the air. Its been a long time since I could sit outside and bare the weather, but today is different. Today it is Sunny 70 degrees outside. No cloud in the sky. Perfect. These days... make life feel so simple and beautiful. It is these days that I let my battery on my computer completely run out before I go inside to recharge, use a small short straw for my sweet tea so I can savor every taste, and peek in on the laughters and little chit chats around me (no ease dropping though!).

Something I have been learning this week...
You have to let the good in life weigh out the negative. For example...

The incoming freshmen at school are a huge class, but from what I see, they really are here just trying to gain the same kind of growth that we seniors have been working towards the past four years. They come in just as nervous to meet people as we are to see new faces. They want to build friendships and make lasting memories, and we want the same for our last year.

You can't let negative words, frauds, discouragement take a hold of you and pull you down. What good does that really do in our life? Does it make our days longer? Our dreams bigger? No, it simply takes away from the opportunity to really grow and be stretched in the Lord's faithfulness.

Don't let those moments in life destroy you. Take what is the best and live off of that. It will be worth it.

It's a beautiful day. Music strums in the background and weightless butterflies flutter around. The leaves are dancing on the trees and the reflective ripples mimic our shadows. It's a beautiful day. Indeed... it is.

Matthew 6:30 reads, "And if God cares so wonderfully for flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, won't he more surely care for you? You have so little faith!"

I think often times (many times), we do not give God credit for all the mighty things He does in our lives. He provides so much in so many ways that sometimes we forget to mention that it is all because of Him for what we have.

Recently, I have seen an overabundance of God's blessings and faithfulness. It truly has taken me to a level of understanding where I want to draw closer and be more faithful through my thoughts, words, and actions. So much of my life has been spent worry about this or worrying about that. I have taken all those precious minutes and truly wasted them away on petty little things. Why?! Why is it so hard for one to be continuously faithful? Why is that after He provides we go back into our old ways and let them marinate into our minds? God's faithfulness is overflowing. It is overflowing in such a way that we should desire to be more faithful to Him through all that He has done for us. Just like it says in Matthew, God even cares and is faithful to that little thistle that may just rot away. The beautiful thing is that he takes that thistle and makes beautiful flowers. Now he probably doesn't literally make the thistle the flower, but you understand what I am saying.

Many times we need to remember that God is faithful and He will provide. It may not be in YOUR timing, but it always seem to fall into this timing that can never be explained. Be faithful. The very thing you may be worrying about may just be here today, but will be gone tomorrow.

School bells ringing, kids playing on the playground, enjoying the games of tag...

Had my last first day of school two days ago. Kind of crazy how time flies right by and then you look back and say the ever so famous line... "Where did the time go?" Days turned into months, months turned into years, and then by the time you know it you are walking to get that simple 8x11 piece of paper signed by some important people saying you are finished. But are we ever really finished? In John 19:30, it is written, "When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit." Now that is a true finished moment, but is it really? I really feel like when Jesus said 'It is finished', he truly was beginning something in history that would be the basis of everything that ever begins and ends.

I will continue to walk up to the little carriage house and try to swallow as much knowledge as possible, but when does this time of learning and educating become complete? Never. Everyday is a continuing motion of learning and growing... making memories and enjoying the games of tag.

...so, I had my last first day to another chapter of my life. These times will be different. There will be different feelings of emotions and moment by moment recognitions of God's faithfulness (Now that's amazing!).

How will you choose to walk in His faithfulness, grace, and mercy? It's your choice. Choose wisely.

Wow! The biggest class in Oklahoma Wesleyan history and here they are! I think they are going to be a great year. New faces, new friendships, and lots of newness. :)

You know what warms the heart? Seeing students serve other students. When I see the Eagle Movers help move in the incoming freshmen, it just fills my heart with overwhelming joy. It makes me look back on my freshmen year... there was posters, there was people shouting my name, there was a lot of heart. Seeing this and being reminded of what it was like when I was a freshmen was a beautiful reminder of why I am where I am. I thank the Lord for taking me on all these different steps of my journey (and how he continues to do so everyday). Life is a journey. You are going to have to stop to fix blown tires, to change the oil, and of course to fill up your gas tank. You have to have maintenance. But, I would not change my journey in a heart beat. This is my personal journey... the one the Lord has designed perfectly for me.

These faces, the faces of OWU... it's a good place. There is a much love and heart within each of these people. They each have desires, passions, and willingness to serve. OWU.... where I'm suppose to be for a time as now.

Well the big hype here at school today was that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were coming to visit. Ok... maybe not coming to visit, but they were in town. And by 8am, everyone in Bartlesville knew they were in town. 
Now you may ask if I saw them? Did I get an autograph? Did I take this picture? Well... I did not see them, but via my Facebook/Twitter/Text friends, they were "spotted" at Weezies, Walmart, Gap, and Two Sisters. You know, I don't know if I would even recognize them if I was walking down the street. They are normal people just like us. Hopefully, they weren't bombarded with too much paparazzi.

And that's the scoop at school today. You never know what kind of exciting things will be happening next...

I'm back to this place I call school. I am back where there are four core values: the primacy of Jesus Christ, the priority of Scripture, the pursuit of Truth, and the practice of Wisdom. I am back to where I like to drink Creme Brulee coffee at the local coffee shop and read a few good blogs and scripture. I am back to studying until midnight and where books are piled so I high. I am back here... just for a year. It will be an adventure full of differences and change. Let me take it on and conquer the world through studying, photographing, and learning more about who I am.

Well... I had a great summer. I loved being at home and just living life the best that I know how. I head back to school tomorrow. Kind of crazy that it is already here, but you know... I am ready to finish out and take this year on. It is going to be different. That is for sure. Different people, different classes, different professors... lots of different. But you know, I am just going to take it on the best that I can and find the best in the moments I have. I will choose to make this a great year.

Here's my tops for Summer 2010:
1. All the traveling I did with my family in the big blue Ford truck. We traveled back and forth to football camps for Colby, to Topeka for Church conference, to Colorado for relaxation (and the firework show that was a flop), and many other places. I saw many beautiful sunsets, crazy yet engaging summer storms, and lots of flat lands.

2. The first few hours of every morning this summer. I know I sound crazy, but this is my most favorite time at home. I wake up to the smell of creme brulee coffee brewing in the coffee pot, kjil jamming on the radio, and lots of chatter and prayers being lifted up for the day. It really makes every day better!

3. The simple walks with Tucker. What's great about our dog is that even though he is on a leash, he stays close by to you. If he gets too far ahead of me on the walk, he waits for me to catch up. He always walks right beside me. He is loyal, faithful, and very passionate!

4. Traveling to see people I really care about. I had the wonderful opportunity to go places to see people I care deeply for. To be with people you love in really important times in their lives, is such a tremendous feeling of family and friendship. Going through lots of pray to lift up NCLEXs, interviews, church leadership, illness/hurting family, and so much more... It really brings joy to my heart and encouragement.

5. Having the privilege to have goals and to successfully follow through with them. I set goals for my photography, and through the Lord, they were met. Some of the goals include: connecting with ten more clients, building a successful website and personal domain, recreating my image/name for my mini business, and becoming more confident in my photographs. Praise the Lord... I met each one of these and I am so thankful that I did.

Now for this upcoming year... It is going to push me farther in nursing and teach me more and more about the Lord and who He is in my life. A few goals I have for this year include...

1. Passing my ATIs (I passed my first one in the Spring to my hardest class [OB] so I know I can do this)
2. Every day continuing to grow and learn something new about my relationship with God
3. Keep balance and consistency throughout my life

Yep... you heard that right. My brother, Colby, is going to be a senior this year. I can not believe how fast time flies sometimes. Wow! But you know... each day just keeps getting better. Yeah, you have rough spots to smooth out, but it only makes you a better and stronger person. I really enjoyed photographing my brother. He just knows how to smile with his eyes and he is so natural in front of the camera. Here are a few more of my favorites...

We found this really cool area in downtown Colorado Springs...

Yes folks, I really like lists. I love to write things down and then cross them off from a piece of paper. It could be a sticky note, or a yellow legal pad, or right in my planner. But I love to make lists. Here is a list I am working on right now...

List Of Things To Do Before Going Back To School:
Make copies of insurance card
Pack stuff
Go to bank
Finalize worship set for Sunday
Clean out the rest of closet
Order new Toms
Go to the Springs with family

You see... I love to accomplish things on my lists. I found this great blog, where this blogger finds old lists and makes art out of them! Check it out here!

I went to the grocery store today with my mom. It was definitely crazy. Sometimes I think about how it was in the 50s and 60s. It seemed so simple. I mean the ladies dressed up to be out for the day getting groceries, chatting with their friends along the way...

Live simply. Seems like such a short minimal phrase, but often times those two little words get thrown into the closet. What are some ways that you can live simple? How do you take each moment of the day and make the most of it?

It seems hard to believe that summer is fastly approaching its final days. I think the past few days the sun has made temperatures outside over 100. Now that's warm! I'm going into my final week at home this summer and just to stay that puts a sour taste in my mouth. Can't I just go back to school in a month? Now don't get me wrong, I am excited to learn new things and start preparing for my final year of college, but the long summer days feel so much better in the comfort of my own home.

Here are a few things I have to cross of my list of "Things to Do before Returning to College":
- Get my original painting from Venice, Italy framed
- Take in one more day in the Springs with my family
- Prepare for solid worship set for church next week
- Lay on my bed and have an Anthropologie moment (dimmed desk light, fan blowing cool air on my face, 1920s vintage quilt surrounding me, with soft music playing in the background... maybe Joshua Radin)
- Take Tucker on walks in the early evening when the temperature outside is bearable

I guess when the time comes for me to go to school I will be ready. It is like what someone told me today... It is like crossing a barrier... once you get over it, you are fine; it is just the crossing over that needs the motivation and drive.