Little treasures for simple pleasures...

I really love the sound of that. Wouldn't it be so delightful to have a simple quaint shop tucked away in a small mountain town with little trinkets but practical items in it. I would love to open a little shop called "Nelle's Pick Me Ups". It is just one of those dreams (I have lots!) that I would greatly enjoy doing. I would have vintage/antiques in there along with beautiful items from across the country.

Here are a few things that I would have in my shop:
Camera bags by Kelly Moore Bags
Virginia Johnson Blankets
Polaroid Film
Cards & Calendars by Ginko
Bags by Moop
Decor Scandinavian Style

My mom came to town this week. I sure did love it. There is just nothing like having my madre here. It just makes this place feel like home even more. We checked things off of our list and squeezed in some laughs. We got some rest in there too. My mom even drew me a beautiful drawing for my bathroom. It is a pencil sketch of a blooming flower that I will place right above my towel rack. It will fit so quaint in there. 
Before she leaves tomorrow, we will head to Judes (our favorite little pit stop) and eat a Chavegel wrap and a nice hot cup of coffee... Yum! Then she will head back to the crisp cool weather of home and I will head to my clinical site. 
It has been a great week so far and it can only get better from here.

Today is a grey day outside. I woke up with the sun trying to peek through these dark clouds. Then I decided that it is a perfect day to go to my favorite coffee shop Judes and of course wear my gold jewelry. Simple gold jewelry always enhances a grey day. I packed my floral jean backpack full of my community health books, my macbook, and blue spiral notebook and headed down the road. The only thing missing was the cool crisp air of the Colorado mountains... but you can't have everything right? Today is a grey day outside, but not inside where the Creme Brulee coffee is set at the right temperature, the chitter chats of the regulars is close, and the thought of wearing a red skirt is perfectly present. Even though it is grey outside, I know this week will be a great one. We have now been in school for a few weeks and to sum it up... I really love my classes. I love that I am out in the community helping those in need, learning how to do accurate research, and editing photos for a class! It really makes for a wonderful semester. Not only do I enjoy my classes, but I am loving living with my best friend. We laugh. We stay up late. We go to bed when were tired. We work out in our wonderful fitness center. We make BLTs (bacon, lettuce, toast). It's pretty great.

I hope my readers have just as beautiful week. Enjoy something you love doing. Take a break from your full schedules and sip on a delightful cup of coffee or go for a walk on a hiking trail. Do something for You today. You deserve it!

I like this new place.
Its clean.
Its big.
It has no bed in my room.
It does have a couch and a dining table.
We have lots of kitchen utensils and appliances that are white, silver, and green.
I like this place.
It has a pool, a mini movie theater, a work out room, and a quaint lodge that looks like a log cabin.
This place is where I will be living.
This place will savor lots of memories.
I like this place.

Tomorrow I will be moving into my first place with the best roommate ever. I am really excited. The Lord has shown his faithfulness through and through. He will continue to do so here just like He has done in the past. I am pretty excited for this new adventure.